We attract customers for young companies, startups, and major B2B projects from St. Petersburg and the rest of Russia. We have all the necessary tools to do this, and we know how to use them properly

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Our advertising agency loves non-trivial, interesting tasks and is ready to invest in them more than “indicated in the price list”. We do everything to increase your target audience and its activity.

Our company promotion concepts imply close interaction between the customer and the contractor. This approach allows us to be proud of many cases that brought a record profit for our customers.

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We will launch your startup in 2 months, from full zero

Professional HR branding in St. Petersburg and beyond

The brand development strategy that we create is based on a deep understanding of the subject and key features of your business. If you are looking for someone who will only help you “sell,” maybe you should try to find someone else. We love working to the max and therefore never undertake projects for the sole purpose of extending our portfolio.

What we do NOT do

We never hide from the customer which stage we are currently at. All our strategies are thoroughly discussed until we reach a full understanding with our customers

We never undertake projects that we are not competent in.We work only with what falls into our area of expertise and brings results.

We never hide budget amounts under complex terms. You know what you pay for and what you get as a result.

If you are still unclear about what to start with, if everything seems complicated and incomprehensible, feel free to text or call us. We understand perfectly well what a beginning or already long-existing business in St. Petersburg and beyond has to face. Difficulties should not be a reason for despair, they should be a reason for action.

Act with us. We do not come up with tons of text about what we can do. We simply do it. Accurately, creatively and efficiently. Contact us!